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Servicios de subtitulado accesible

Subtitling for the Deaf
and Hard of Hearing (Sdh)

Have you noticed our corporate colours? Yellow, green, magenta and cyan are the colours that represent accessibility for people with a hearing impairment, according to the UNE 15310 guidelines (Spanish Association for Standardisation). There are more standards in the market, and the good news is that we have experience in them all!​


Premium Audio Description

Our background in scriptwriting and staging allows us to take audio description for the Blind or people with a visual impairment to a higher level. We strive to convey the director’s intentions, the rhythm and the atmosphere to create an audio description that becomes one with the audiovisual work.

Audiovisual Translation

When it comes to the language combinations we offer, we prefer to keep these to a select minimum, to ensure we guarantee the best quality. That’s why our language specialists translate exclusively from or into Spanish, English, Portuguese, Galician, Basque and Catalan. If you require a translation in any other language, please contact us.

Content Translation

We also offer translation services for cultural content or content related to the audiovisual world.

Advice on Accessibility

We help companies and institutions improve the accessibility of their audiovisual content.

Literary Translation and Audio Books

Our new service focuses on the publishing world, with literary translations and the creation of audio books.

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